Ellen Stewart is a London based photographer.  Her practice focuses around the every day in the aim to question our own associations to our private and public space. Using constraints such as her childhood house she plays with ‘making strange’ the seemingly mundane in order to explore the tension of how we look at the  everyday and 'the epic'. 

Stewart graduated with a Photography degree from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2019 and is undergoing the Khadija Saye Photography Fellowship. She has recently had work in Elephant Magazine, PaperJournal, Source, Loupe and The Guardian. The series 'In My Fence Wall' won her representation from Photograd till 2020 and become a nominee for the SWGPP. 


2019-20 Khadija Saye Photography Fellowship at London Transport Museum (partnered with The Photographers Gallery)

2019 Nominee South West Graduate Photography Prize

2019 Photograd Selected Graduate for Support and Representation 2019-2020


2019 (Shortlisted) Loupe Magazine, ‘Another Graduate Show’


2019 Source Magazine Selection



2019 South West Graduate Photography Prize, London

2019 Suddenly Last Summer, Arts University Bournemouth

2019 Fabricate, Truman Brewery, London

2019 Free Range Introducing, Truman Brewery, London

2019 BEAF, Royal Arcade,Bournemouth

2019 The Outsider, Bushwick Community Darkroom, Brooklyn, New York

2019 On The Street, BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth

2019 that from a long way off look like flies, Seventeen Gallery, London

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