­­­­­­Ellen Stewart is a London based artist, working predominately in photography. Her practice focuses around the every day in the aim to deliberately confuse and question our own associations to our private space. Stewart graduated with photography degree from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2019 and is now undergoing a Khadija Saye Photography Fellowship. She has recently had work in Elephant Magazine, Paper Journal, Source, Loupe and The Guardian. Her graduate series won her representation from Photograd till 2020 and she is currently nominated for the South West Graduate Photography Prize for 2019.

"The strength of this project is the way in which the most ordinary and familiar scenes and situations are elevated to something deeply unnerving. At times humorous, at times unsettling, the slight distortion of the norm is what makes the work so effective. Simplicity is the key and the isolation and framing of the scenes give energy to the work. The idea of subverting the familiar and asking questions of it is not new, but Stewart manages the subject matter with such confidence and skill, making use of an environment in which she is supremely comfortable, and showing a compositional eye that makes this work stand out."

Kate Edwards, Picture Editor, The Guardian

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